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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun times!

So, James is growing so fast - I had to pack up all of his newborn clothes because he has already outgrown them. He is getting so long - today we were driving around and I looked back at him sleeping in his car seat and his little legs were so long I feel like he looks like a little boy already! Jeremy and I are having a great time getting to know him more as he begins to become more interactive with us. One of my favorite things is when he wakes up in the morning and he's still all wrapped up in his blanket - I'll hear him grunting trying to get his arms free - then I come in and unwrap his blanket and sing good morning to him and his face just lights up with this big smile - too precious! Here are more sweet pics:
This is how James wakes up in the morning- all wrapped up like a little burrito!
James LOVES his mobile - he will lay in his crib for half an hour just talking to his friends as they float above him-
This is how James looks after his late night feeding - he literally passes out after he finishes his bottle-
He's awake now!
He's so long!
James loves to lay on his tummy and lift his head up - I love this picture!
James and daddy are having a few laughs - too cute!

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