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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

James' first Christmas was a success - ofcourse it was just a normal Tuesday to him :) but we had fun! He got lot's of toys and books from his grandparents that he will grow in to. His favorite part was putting everything in his mouth! If he can grab it and get in his mouth - it's gone! We are so blessed to have a such a perfect son and get to share such a special time with our family. Words can not express how grateful we are! We pray you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

James and daddy having a discussion about politics - just kidding :)
Sitting with grandma and trying to eat his new bathtub froggie-
Papa Allen got James this fun sit/rock/roll toy. This was our first toy we've had to put together since he was born - the first of many, many more I'm sure!
Look at that belly!
James ended the night pooped. We put his little hat on to keep his ears warm and when we got home and went to get him out of the car he was asleep like this - too funny!

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Emily & Justin said...

Oh Michelle! He is so so so precious! I can't believe Jeremy is a daddy. I know ya'll are having the best time. So glad to see your blog...I'll be stalking you from now on. :)