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Friday, January 11, 2008


Baby #2 is on the way!! For those of you that haven't heard yet I know this is shocking! We were a bit surprised as well but now we can't imagine it any other way. James has been such an amazing blessing in our lives and from the moment he was born I said I would do it all again in a heartbeat - well not quite a heartbeat but 12 short months after we welcomed baby James into the world we will be welcoming his baby brother or sister! Baby #2's due date is August 14th which is 3 days after James' 1st birthday - the doctor says that I will most likely be a little early since they are so close together, so there is a strong possibility we will have 2 under the age of 1 for a brief time! (Those closest to me now refer to me as BritBrit (aka Britney Spears) whose boys are 2 days shy of being exactly 1 year apart! We're just praying I don't end up in the salon shaving my head while the paparazzi take pics! honestly, God help her-)
Anyhoo - so the Allen family is growing again. It's crazy how so much can change in 18 months! This time last year I was working at Regions and Jeremy was still at Donohoo with one baby on the way and now I'm a stay at home mommy (which I am sooo thankful for!) and Jeremy is recruiting from out of the house with baby #2 on the way! We can just see God's hand at work in so many ways and we are truly so blessed and thankful for everything.
Here is a pic from our first ultrasound. For those of you that have never had a baby this won't look like much because it's just a still shot but when you see it live you are able to clearly see the baby's heartbeat and it is truly the most amazing thing. It's one thing to have a positive pregnancy test and know that you're pregnant, but it makes it so real when you get to see that little heartbeat inside of you and see that baby that is growing! AMAZING!
The grandma's will probably appreciate this most:

The baby is marked off on the bottom of the picture - He/She is 8 weeks and 4 days here-
We covet all of your prayers as we go through this next season of our lives!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

definitely excited...and praying alongside you! and, better to be britt britt than jamie lynn. ;)

Jenny said...

Wow! That's great news! My husband who is so ready for another said he's jealous! I'm so happy for you guys and will keep you in my prayers for a safe and easy pregnancy :)

Brandon & Amy Isbell said...

Wow! Congrats! Y'all are getting way ahead of us :)

Emily Chappell said...

Huge congrats to you and Jeremy!! What a surprise!

annieck said...

Um...hello! How did I miss this post?! CONGRATULATIONS (even if I am more than a month late!)!!!
Your post was hilarious! "Brit-Brit"...SO FUNNY!!! If you shave your head and start wearing strange clothes and beating cars with umbrellas, I'll just take a few pictures!;)
So excited for you guys. =D