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Friday, March 21, 2008

Just having some fun!

James is now going on 7 1/2 months! I can't believe how fast time flies!! We go to the doctor on Monday and we'll see how much he's grown since 4 months. I'm pretty sure he's about to outgrow the 22 pound weight limit of his car seat! We're starting to crawl a little bit but we haven't just taken off yet. He only gets about two or three good "scoots" before he's down again. He likes to push up on his hands and feet - Jeremy likes to hold his feet and see how long he can hold the "wheel barrow" position :) His new favorite move is to go from his belly to sitting up - we're very impressed! Here are a couple pics - I'll post more soon!

Daddy couldn't miss a photo opportunity with James and a baseball!

As many of you know Jeremy was a left handed pitcher in college - notice how he has his left hand positioned on the ball - his two fingers are perfectly placed on the stitching of the ball - could we have a natural on our hands :)

Getting ready to go for a walk - probably his most favorite thing to do!
One of our good friends set up a little Easter egg hunt for a bunch of our friends. Of course James wasn't old enough to be able to actually "hunt" for eggs but his sweet friend Ellie Latham gave him one of her eggs. Of course all he wanted to do was try and eat it!


Joy and Ash said...

So cute! I was sad I missed the hunt yesterday. My dad was a left handed pitcher at AL in college too!
Hope to see you Sunday. Love Joy

annieck said...

He is SO SO adorable!!! I could just stare at him all day. :) Happy Easter!