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Monday, May 26, 2008

Beach Fun!!

James had his first official summer trip to the beach this past weekend. We were able to take him to the ocean for a bit back at Christmas when we visited Jeremy's family but this was his first real time in the water, sand, floats, the whole bit - and he loved it!! Looks like we have a water baby - thank goodness since I was the kid that would be at the pool from sun up to sun down if I could. Of course we kept him covered in sun screen and hats the whole time - my sweet pale baby! He only tried to eat the sand one time and didn't care too much for it - finally something he doesn't like to put in his mouth!!
Here are lots of fun pics - hope you enjoy!
Daddy showing me the sand -
Not too sure about all this

Now this is fun!!

Chillin' at the pool -

James and Cooper getting ready to head to the beach - Could they look any more relaxed?
Love this picture of my two handsome boys!!

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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

what a fun trip! next year will be even more fun for him when he gets to be a big brother and a big helper.