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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday (almost)

Yesterday we celebrated James' 1st birthday a little bit early - even though he won't be 1 until August 11th I wanted to have his party early to ensure we got it in before John-Mark arrived. As Jeremy likes to remind me, James will never remember his 1st birthday, but I wanted to make it extra special since this is the only time he will be the "only" and the only birthday he will celebrate by himself for a very long time since in future years I'm sure he and John-Mark will share their birthday parties since their birthday's will be so close together. We had the party at a place called Kid's Gym and it was so much fun! They have all kinds of things for kids to climb and jump on. The hit of the party was the "ball pit". All the kids wanted to play in it, and ofcourse, even though there were hundreds of balls they each wanted the one someone else was playing with! But since it was pretty difficult for them to actually move around in the balls for the most part there were no fights or tears! It was a great day and we're so thankful for all of our family and friends that came out and celebrated with us. Our little baby is truly a toddler now - he is walking, drinking out of the sippy cup and eating all finger foods! I was looking back at pictures and video from the past year and can't believe how much he has grown up in one year! Ugh - it is all flying by sooo fast!!
Here are some pics from the party - hope you enjoy!
Happy Birthday to James!mmmmmmmm - this is sweet -I've got this under control mom-James didn't really "play" with his cupcake - he finished it off pretty quickly - I tried to give him some strawberries after he ate his cupcake and he was not interested - He's never eaten anything so sweet and a strawberry just wasn't going to work after that cupcake!It was pretty much impossible to get a picture of everyone looking - I think James was going after a cake crumb! Beau, James, and Copper in the ball pit -Zack joined in on the fun!"All this playing is wearing me out - I need a drink!"Bubbles were flying around like crazy - some of the kids loved them and were trying to chase them - James wasn't too sure about them - The choo choo train was fun!After the party we came home and took a little nap and then we were ready to open up our presents!Of course he enjoyed playing with the cardboard that his toys came in as much as the toys themselves!Checking out the new ride his papa got him -P.S - Now that we've had James' party we're ready for John-Mark to come on out as soon as possible! Only 11 days until his due date but I'm not having any contractions or anything so it doesn't appear that he's going to make an early arrival - but I know it can happen pretty quickly - we'll keep everyone posted!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

looks like so much fun! i hate we missed it. excited about baby #2!!!

Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...
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Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

We had such a great time! Thanks for letting us be a part of Jame's day!

Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

Well, I've already deleted one comment because of a typo, so I'll just say that I meant James', not Jame's!