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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Flirt

So, James is really starting to come in to his personality. I can remember sitting here only a few months ago and posting that I wondered if he was always going to be such a serious baby - well, he's not! He really has a funny personality. He likes to pretend like he doesn't hear you when you're talking to him or he'll turn his head when you're trying to kiss him and just laugh. Jeremy thinks he's going to have my personality - Finally, something from me :) He is talking all the time - to everything and everyone and he is loud! Another trait from his daddy -
We've also noticed that he is quite the flirt - He loves to look at you and give you a big grin and then turn away and act bashful - the ladies love it! Here are a few pics of him in flirt mode and some other fun times around the house -

I like to put these warm fuzzy socks on James because they are so warm. Sometimes when he takes his naps I'll take his pants off and he'll just sleep in a onsie and his socks - it cracks Jeremy and I up - I think he looks like he's wearing dance line boots! Jeremy likes to say he looks like has rubber huntin' boots on -
We put James in the big bath for the first time. I thought he would like seeing the water splashed when he kicked his feet. He enjoyed the water but wasn't too in to splashin' just yet -
Antoher flirty grin -

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