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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First word!

Well, James has spoken his first real word and it is none other than "mamma"! I was sick this past weekend and when I was finally able to crawl out of bed on Sunday and see him he was so excited but after only about 30 minutes I realized I still wasn't feeling well and needed to get back to bed. As I was leaving him with Jeremy he started saying "mamma, mamma"! I couldn't believe my ears! I asked Jeremy if I had heard him correctly. He confirmed that he had been saying it all morning! He was thinking of not telling me and trying to get a "dada" out of him before I heard it! Can you believe that! I mean, is it not enough that he has a mini-me! Thank goodness I heard him! Oh, it just melts my heart!
No pics this time just wanted to share my exciting news!

1 comment:

annieck said...

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! I didn't get Mama for SO long from either of my boys! They BOTH said DaDa first!
Good for you, mommy!!! :):):)
As for covering up "mama", that sounds like something I would do to Channing! ;)