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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

James the Explorer!

This past week Jeremy went on a much deserved boys fishing trip and James and I headed up to Huntsville to visit with my mom and Papa Steve. I don't know who had a better time, James or Jeremy! Is there anything better than a full four days with grandparents! Too much fun!
Just before Jeremy left for the week James started to really crawl and by the time he returned he had become a full-on crawler. He follows you around the house from room to room. Gone are the days of sitting him on the floor with his toys and having him play - now he is in "explorer" mode. He goes from room to room and investigates everything! It's fun to see what he goes after. I think over the last week he's heard "no" more than any other word - this may become his first word! Of course he wants to see, touch, eat everything that is not for him: dog food, daddy's guitar, etc. Whenever I tell him no, he'll stop, look at me and grin, maybe try to go for it a few more times, then move on. I had to go to the Christian Bookstore immediately and buy a book on discipline - this is new territory for us but I can tell he is already testing us and seeing what his boundaries are. Apparently, I no longer have an infant, but a toddler! What! When did this happen? I didn't think you were considered a toddler until at least 2! But all the things I read are now calling my sweet 8 month old a toddler! Where has the time gone!
As always here are some fun pics of our sweet boy!
coming into his room -
leaving his room :)
James loves to go into the bathroom and pull himself up on the tub - it's the perfect height for him to pull up on -

Look at what I big boy I am mommy!!
James and daddy reading - too sweet!

Making music with his xylophone puppy
Giving the puppy a kiss -


annieck said...

He is SO precious!!!
The crawling stage will definitely keep you on your toes! Asher crawled up halfway to the top of our stairs last week. Tristan started calling for me, and I ran and grabbed him. I thought I could let him out of my sight for a couple of minutes while I finished something, but I was wrong!
Enjoy this fun time of exploration! :)

Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

James just gets cuter and cuter! I am anxious to compare a boy crawler to a girl crawler! Love you all!

Rachael said...

How precious!!!