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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy 8 months!!

I can't believe it but James turned 8 months old yesterday!! I was looking back at all of our pictures of him and I am amazed at how much he has changed and grown in such a short amount of time! It's going to be crazy when the new baby is born and be reminded how little James started and all the things they learn in that first year! I honestly try to remind myself everyday to cherish each day because they go by so fast but even saying that, here we are with an 8 month old and I have tears in my eyes thinking about how quickly we got here.
Over the past two weeks Jeremy and I have been blown away at how much James has changed - he's like a little boy now. Having mastered crawling he has now become obsessed with pulling up on EVERYTHING! I thought keeping up with a crawler was going to be difficult but it's more scary keeping up with him and making sure he doesn't crack his head in his attempts to pull up on any and everything he sees. He doesn't really know what to do once he pulls himself up since his legs are still pretty wobbly so he attempts to "walk" but usually just falls over and then tries it all over again! One of his new favorite things to do is stand up in his crib. Now when we lay him down for a nap I will peek in on him and he'll pull himself up and sit back down at least 20 times before he finally lays down and goes to sleep. What a Boy!!
Yesterday morning when we went in to get him up the first thing Jeremy did was sing Happy Birthday to him and almost on cue James started clapping and saying "yea!" - How sweet is that! We never knew it was possible to be so impressed with clapping! Being a mommy is the most amazing thing ever!!

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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

clapping, blowing kisses, waving...little minds are a wonder and it's amazing to watch them as they learn. it gets better and better! he's such a cutie!