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Friday, June 13, 2008

A few of my favorite things!

Well, Jeremy and I have decided that for James' first birthday we are going to get him his own set of tupperware - I can't imagine he would love anything more since most of what he plays with is not his toys but other house hold finds - empty water jugs, shoe boxes, measuring cups, teething tablet container, spoons, Charlie's bed! Pretty much anything that is not really a toy is what he is drawn to!
James turned 10 months old this week. Once again I will say how fast everything is going by! I can't believe he's almost a year. He's showing absolutely no signs of being interested in walking - he's way too good and fast at crawling. He will walk along furniture but when he runs out of things to hold on to he drops and takes off on his knees. If we try to hold him up and hold his hands and get him to walk he'll go limp - no interest. He likes to sit on his bottom and just turn around in circles - it's pretty cute. He also has learned how to give us high fives - we're so proud :) We're trying to start feeding him more finger foods and get him working with a sippy cup. The sippy cup is a no go - he will play with it but forget about drinking out of it. As far as finger foods go so far he's had turkey, carrots, banana's, and pineapple. He does okay but he misses his mouth quite a bit and it takes him FOREVER!! However, I do find it interesting how he has such trouble getting turkey and carrots into his mouth but can grab a piece of dog food and get it to his mouth perfectly! We fight over this daily!
As always we are having so much fun watching our little boy change and grow each day - He truly is too much fun!
Enjoy some pics!

water jug
shoe box
measuring cup
teething tablet -


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

addison is almost 17 months old and has just (in the last month) started letting go and taking a few steps. crawling has been a much faster and more efficient mode of transportation here too! he'll walk when he's ready.

annieck said...

He is SO adorable!
Asher was totally uninterested in walking at that age. He would do the same thing...go limp. These days, he's taking a few steps, but like James, finds it faster and easier to crawl. :) I like it, though, because crawling is really good for coordination and for the whole brain to body connection! :)