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Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday Jeremy celebrated his first Father's Day - we had a great day of church, PF Changs, dessert and watching golf with friends. James and I also gave him a day of golf with some of his buddies. One day soon he'll be able to spend the day taking James and his little brother golfing!

Three Generations of Allens
Cutest Ever!!
James was really tired Saturday night and actually sat still in Jeremy's lap - this is very rare! Notice how he has his little ankles crossed - he always sits like this-
Breakfast in bed with daddy

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sweetpeamorrow said...

yeah!!!!!!!! we are thrilled #2 IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! I love reading your blog!!!! Do u know what #2 is? Blessings to you all!!!!