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Saturday, June 21, 2008

And the name is....

John-Mark Allen-
This has been decided for a while now but for some reason I haven't wanted to post it yet. Many of you know the drama of the name but for those of you that don't - here's the quick run down - James is named after two of our grandfather's (James and John) and both our dad's are David. Oh, let me back up - before we even thought about having a baby Jeremy informed me that he got to pick any boys names and I got the girls - I did not agree to this it was just stated as fact - so, move ahead, we find out our first son is on his way and Jeremy settles on James John-David (Jeremy's middle name is also John-David so that was another reason he wanted it). At that time I suggested we name him James David and save the John for a possible second son and name him John-Mark after our grandfather's and Jeremy's best friend, Mark. Jeremy liked this idea but didn't want to change James' name. So... here we are with baby boy number two on the way and I thought John-Mark was no longer an option since we gave James the John-David middle name, but I was wrong. Jeremy has been dead set on John-Mark since we found out I was pregnant. I tried to get him to go with Paxton, also after his best friend, Mark Paxton, but he wouldn't budge. He said he just couldn't hear "Paxton Allen" spoken over the speaker at future baseball games - I really have never thought of such things. So, that is why both of our sons have the name John in their name. Don't get me wrong, I love the name John-Mark - it was my idea in the first place but I feel kind of silly having two boys with John in their name so I feel the need to always explain - I guess that's not really a short version of the story - but there ya' go.
Only a little over 7 weeks until little John-Mark arrives. I can't believe he will be here so soon. Only 4 more weeks and I will be down to weekly dr.'s visits! aahh! This is all going by so fast!!
I went to the house today and it is really moving along. Jeremy needs to post some more pics but it is totally framed and all the exterior walls are up, including the two additions and the new roof is on. I think the electrician, plumber, and HVAC guys are supposed to work this week. It's really starting to look like a house now - I'm starting to get excited!
Sorry, no pics this time!


annieck said...

I like it!!

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

love john mark. and let me just say that the whole "i can't hear that name spoken over the loud speaker" is universal for men.

Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

Can't wait for our nameless baby to meet John Mark! We love you all!