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Friday, July 11, 2008

35 + weeks - only 34 days to go!

Today I started my weekly check-ups and I am 1cm dilated! I know that doesn't really mean anything but I was really kind of surprised since I didn't dilate at all with James until I actually started the labor process. My dr doesn't expect me to have John-Mark in the next couple of weeks but he said I still need to make sure I'm prepared! James was 3 days past due and it was perfect - I felt I was as prepared as possible. I think once I make it past the first of August I'll feel ready for this baby as well. The house should be completed and we'll have James' 1st birthday by then so everything that I can get in order should be done - but we'll see - since I have absolutely no control over it I'll just trust God for His perfect timing, as always.
These last couple weeks of pregnancy have been the hardest so far with the heat and keeping up with a now 11 month old so it was pretty exciting today to think that John-Mark is really almost here! We've got so much going on with the renovation of the new house that we really haven't done much in the way of "preparation" for him so sometimes I forget that we are really about to have another baby - I remember how I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like to have one baby, now I feel the same way about our second but I am still full of excitement to meet this new member of our family.
John-Mark measured a little big today which he has never done so now my dr thinks he may be a little larger than James was after he had originally told me he would probably be smaller since I was having them so close together. But then he said "well, he won't be much bigger or much smaller" Jeremy and I laughed - so basically he was telling me he had no better an idea of how big he would be than we do:)
We'll keep everyone posted!

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