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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First 4th of July Celebration!

Tonight James got to experience his first fireworks show and he loved it! Our church had an early 4th of July Celebration and it was even better than what they did last year! We weren't sure we wanted to get James out so late past his bedtime and we knew there would be tons of people and it could get crazy with parking and getting home and blah blah blah but I'm so glad we decided to pack him up and go. I had more fun watching his face as he watched the fireworks than I did watching the actual fireworks themselves. He was totally focused on them. Whenever there would be a really big one all the kids around us would say "whoa" and James would copy them - then at the end when everyone started clapping he was right there with them. I wish I had some pics but I forgot my camera:(
I do have some fun pics of James eating all his new finger foods. It's amazing how quickly things change in just a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago he could barely get things in his mouth and it took him forever - now he's a pro and he eats everything we give him! Today we had pancakes for breakfast, turkey, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe for lunch then some green beans a couple pieces of an orange for dinner and there were only a couple pieces in his high chair when I lifted him out. Now if we could just embrace the sippy cup!
Eating sweet potatoes

Loving his sweet potatoes!
"why do you keep taking pictures of me eating mommy?"
Yummy Green Beans!
See what a pro he has become at getting them in his mouth! Seems like such a little thing but it's such a big deal!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

a definite sign he's growing up. it's real food, mom...no turning back. once he masters the cup, it's bye-bye baby, hello big boy! :)

Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

I'm so excited that James has decided to eat real food! I love the pictures...he really does seem 'over it' that you're taking his picture! Such a sweet boy!